House Concerts

So, check it out. One of my favorite types of live performance experiences is the house concert. And yes, it’s pretty much exactly how it sounds – a concert I give in your house.

House concerts are intimate musical gatherings, allowing for a truly cool connection between the performer, music, and audience. It harkens back to the days where people got together and actively listened to music. Not hearing background music in a bar or passively listening while doing something else, but intentionally listening and experiencing together.

And, I’d love to play one in your home.

Let me break it down for you.

An individual hosts a house concert featuring a musical artist or act in their living room. They reach out to their friends, family, and neighborhood to gather attendees for a unique, fun, inexpensive, and memorable night.  Oftentimes the host provides snacks, and sometimes they like to organize it with a potluck style dinner.

The artist can play a 30-40 minute set, followed by a 15 minute break, followed by another 30-40 minute set. (So, for instance, guests arrive at 7, at 7:30 show begins, 8:10 short break, 8:25 show resumes, 9:00 show ends). However, formats can change, e.g. the artist can just play for an hour straight, shows can start earlier, etc. That’s up to the host and the artist.

Generally, the way finances work is that there is a suggested donation of $15-20 per person (the artist and host can agree upon a figure or range), and all the money goes to the artist. Furthermore, the artist can sell CDs. I then use these combined figures (donations and merchandise sales) against a guaranteed figure I’ve agreed upon with the host.

The most important thing is the attendance. Depending on the size of the living room, a good size for a show is 25-40. Of course, if more can fit, even better, but the essence of the show, a listening environment where people are actively tuning in to the music, must not be lost. For me, shows must have at a bare minimum 20 adults.

Also, the host generally offers a night of lodging and a meal or two (dinner and breakfast) for the artist.

House concerts can truly be something special. If you’re interested in hosting one, or know someone who would like to, let’s talk. Click here to head on over to the contact page and send me a message. 


For your reference, here’s a link to a more extensive house concert guide: